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Claude Adams, Class of '68
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I'd like to thank whoever it was who put my brother's name and picture up here.  It's good to know that he is remembered.   We were just getting to really know each other when he died in a car accident with Wayne Crowhurst and John Condon on August 10, 1969.   I'll never forget the crowds and hordes of people who came to the wake and memorial service.   Their presence made a dark and difficult time a little lighter.  I was thinking about him this past week, wondering what he would think about what took place on September 11th, 2001.  In a way, I'm glad he isn't here to see it.

Diane Adams

Fondly remembered from Montreal East neighbourhood.

Robert S. Burns

Remember the year Claude, John Condon and I were in the same class.  We didn't learn much that year but we had the time of our lives and lots of laughs.  You will always be remembered.

Don Starnes
I remember working with Claude part time at the A&P on St. Jean Baptist St. in P.A.T.   I'll aways remember the time we started throwing lettuce around and on a busy night.  We got caught by the boss, he was mad but he did not fire us because we were to good at packing the groceries.  After our shift we could not stop laughing.  This is a good memory of a good guy and friend.   Miss you.

Ken Day  
I'll never forget the time in Rawdon when a bunch of us got in trouble and Claude "Oats" came to my rescue and tried to help me out of a bad situation.  He was a true gentleman.  Thanks, Oats, for being there for me!

Always remembered.
Marilyn Haley
I`ll always remember the day Claude, John, and Wayne died it shook Montreal
East and everyone in it.  I will always the name Oats .  May they rest in peace.

Greg Hiscock
I did not really know Claude but I knew his sister, Diane, and remember the effect his passing had on her and all of us at Dunton.  I remember too that Diane's strength came out and she seemed stronger than a lot of us.

Ed Beeson
Claude was a wonderful young man with a great sense of humor.  He was a close friend of my brother Stan.  I hesitate to think what might have been if the car had been larger.  It was a very sad day for Montreal East.  I am happy to see that although he is gone he is never forgotten

Len Street
I remember that August nite in 1969.  I was working the nite shift at the Gulf refinery in Montreal East where Oat's dad worked.  I remember Johnny Burns was on of the cops on duty and he responded to the accident on Marian Street.  I knew Oats from baseball i Montreal East, played with him and John Condon.  It really shook up Montreal East.  The three of them were just young kids but will always be remembered by the East End Gang.

Ray F.
I have never forgotten you, Claude, and that very sad day the accident happened and you were taken away from all of us.  It was a terrible time for me as were just getting to know each other better.  I will always remember the time you asked me if you could drive me home from Dunton one day.  I was freaking out on the back of your bike and begging you not too go fast. Like the caring person you were I think we drove along Sherbrooke no more than 30-50 miles per hour - I was clinging to you for dear life.  I have often thought about you over the years and wonder what could have been.  I will always remember you!

Rest in peace.
Shirley Shepherd
I was in the Navy and at sea, when I foundout about Claude, John and Wayne's tragic accident.  To say that I was shocked and very saddened by the news is a major understatement.  My family and friends sent me lots of news about the accident and the massive funeral.  I know it had a huge impact on our small but very tight town because I was thousands of miles away, and I felt it too.  We all miss you Claude.

Rest in peace,
Myles Hiscock
To my Dear Friend. Just to know that all of you are together in death as you were in life, I am happy to know your not alone the pain doesn't really leave it just gets easier as the years go by miss you lots Heather Condon